Lucky Miss Call is the product of Cost to Cost Bazaar Private Limited, it is an advertising & promotion and awareness mechanism, which also provides techniques and solutions which is going to become as an eye opener for the people. It has developed certain ways and solutions, which are going to prove it as a revolution. We are a full service provider in advertising, market research, public relations, mobile content, information delivery and a range of specialized services to our clients.

our current specializations are in advertising through mobile, these advertiments can be Text Messages, Audio Messages, PreCall Ads, Dialer Ads, CRBT and ADCRBT as well as mid call advertisement and so on.

Lucky Miss Call is the Master Mind Game services provide by Cost to Cost Bazaar Private Limited. This is a new services and 1st time in World "mobile games on missed call. it is in 1st time in World?. It have lots of games like lucky7, educational, racing, fighting. Its not a game, it can be your second income.